Founded in 1993 by Phil De Mesquita in Soho, England, acupuncture1993 started as a streetwear brand and quickly evolved into a cultural hub. Doubling as a social center and a punk recording label, acupuncture1993 became a haven for creative expression, offering a range of products, sneakers, clothing, accessories, and more.
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The Challenge

acupuncture1993 faced several challenges in its marketing efforts. A significant obstacle was fostering repeat engagements from clients in a niche market characterized by punk-inspired fashion and alternative styles. Additionally, the diverse range of products, spanning from edgy clothing to unconventional footwear, posed a unique challenge in crafting targeted and effective communication strategies.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, acupuncture1993 implemented a series of strategic initiatives:

- Customer Segmentation and Persona Development: The brand conducted in-depth segmentation of its customer base, crafting distinct personas for different customer segments within the punk fashion community. This allowed for personalized communication aimed at resonating with each segment's specific tastes and preferences.

- Advanced Customer Understanding and Tailored Automation: acupuncture1993 delved into deeper layers of customer insights, employing specialized automation techniques to deliver personalized messages to targeted customer segments at optimal times.

- Enhanced Engagement and Targeted Promotion: The brand executed a well-balanced mix of engagement-focused, brand-centric, and promotional emails. The objective was to consistently enhance customer engagement, keeping acupuncture1993 top-of-mind and fostering continuous growth within the punk fashion scene.


The tailored solutions delivered remarkable outcomes:

- Significant Revenue Growth: From January 2023 to June 2023, acupuncture1993 experienced an average monthly revenue of 40-50% from email marketing, demonstrating the effectiveness of the targeted email strategies.

- Increased Engagement and Revenue: Strategic optimization of engagement campaigns, coupled with personalized messaging and brand-centric content, resulted in a notable surge in revenue from optimized campaigns.

- Customer Advocacy and Repeat Business: By prioritizing post-purchase engagement and implementing cross-promotional strategies, acupuncture1993 successfully identified and motivated customers likely to return for additional purchases. This approach led to a substantial growth in post-purchase flows, fostering customer advocacy and building a loyal customer base within the punk fashion community.

Additionally, even without active marketing strategies, the email flows and automations set up during the campaign continue to generate an average revenue of 20-30% per month.
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