DōMatcha® is authentic Japanese stone-ground matcha brand, directly from Kagoshima and Uji, Kyoto. Partnered with the 16th-generation Japanese tea master Kazunori Handa-san, with 400 years of tea expertise. Carefully cultivated and processed using traditional methods, fresh, vibrant, and of the highest quality on the market. DōMatcha® offers a diverse range of matcha products, including Summer Harvest, Organic Matcha, and Ceremonial Matcha.
Increase in revenue
Increase in flow conversion rate
Increase in revenue from BFCM

The Challenge

Domatcha faced a challenge with below-average attribution in the email channel, where most campaigns and flows failed to produce the desired level of engagement or revenue. Despite sending out a significant volume of emails, the return on investment was lower than anticipated and did not generate the expected revenue.

The Solution

To revamp the email channel and make it more appealing to those seeking tangible results, we devised a multi-layered strategy:

Enhanced Email Design: We began by improving the design of all emails, transitioning away from text-heavy content to visually appealing layouts that captivated the audience's attention.

Optimization of Send Methodologies: We identified the most effective send methodologies, including determining optimal time cadences and the appropriate frequency of emails per month to maximize engagement and revenue.

Refreshed Flows: We revamped all existing flows to support higher engagement and revenue generation, ensuring that each touchpoint in the customer journey was optimized for conversion.

Implementation of New Flows: Strategically planned new flows and behavioral triggers were introduced to further enhance engagement and drive revenue growth.


The tailored solutions delivered remarkable outcomes:

- 90% Increase in Revenue: Following the implementation of our strategies, Domatcha experienced a remarkable 90% increase in overall revenue, indicating a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the email channel in driving sales.

- 110% Increase in Flow Conversion Rate: The optimization of flows led to a remarkable 110% increase in the flow conversion rate, demonstrating the power of targeted and personalized content in converting potential leads into loyal customers.

- 150% Increase in Revenue from Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) Period: Domatcha saw a substantial 150% increase in revenue during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, highlighting the effectiveness of our strategies in capitalizing on seasonal opportunities.
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