Shea Terra Organics stemming from a desire to create natural products that do no harm to the environment. The brand encapsulates the essence of zafran oils, hina, and shea butter, bringing a blend of nature-inspired offerings to the world. With a focus on ethical practices, Shea Terra Organics is committed to creating positive change and empowering communities.
Increase in revenue from BFCM
Increase in campaign engagement
Increase in email list growth

The Challenge

Shea Terra Organics encountered a challenge with non-promotional emails in the email channel, which failed to generate significant revenue. Despite receiving some interaction, the engagement often fell short of industry standards (e.g., 0.5% CTR), limiting revenue generation and hindering the identification of ideal email types for distribution.

The Solution

To address this challenge, we implemented a strategic solution:

- Selection and Conceptual Testing of Engagement Emails: We carefully selected the most effective engagement emails and subjected them to conceptual testing. This involved exploring three distinct concept styles tailored to the audience's interests and psychographics. Each campaign's performance was closely monitored over a 1-2 month period to facilitate iterative improvements in engagement.

- Introduction of Timed Promotions: To further boost overall engagement, we strategically introduced well-timed promotions within the email channel. These promotions were designed to capture the audience's attention and encourage active participation.


The implemented solution yielded remarkable results, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of Shea Terra Organics' email marketing strategy:

- 80% Increase in Revenue from Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM): Through the optimization of email content and the incorporation of timed promotions, there was a substantial 80% increase in revenue generated during the BFCM period, showcasing the impact of tailored strategies on revenue growth.

- 50% Increase in Campaign Engagement: The audience-centric approach, which took into account interests and psychographics, led to a notable 50% increase in campaign engagement. This improvement indicates that the revised email concepts resonated well with the target audience, resulting in higher levels of engagement.

- 110% Increase in Email List Growth: The strategic changes implemented in email marketing not only improved short-term metrics but also contributed to a significant 110% increase in email list growth. This surge in list growth underscores the effectiveness of the refined email marketing approach in attracting and retaining subscribers.
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